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Muskauer Park

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The historic landscape park located in Poland and Germany with an area of ​​700 ha is a nineteenth-century, one of the most outstanding works of European garden art. The composition program of the English landscape park was implemented in it and it is one of the most extensive historical park assumptions in Europe. The creator of the park - the originator and author of the concept - was a Prussian aristocrat, Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau. Today, the Polish-German border runs through the Mużakowski Park along the Nysa Łużycka River. On the German side there is the central part of the complex with main buildings, gardens and pleasureground, while on the Polish side there is a vast naturalistic park (about 500 ha). Both parts connect two park bridges, the Double Bridge and the English Bridge. In 2004, Muskauer Park was recognized as a good of UNESCO World Heritage.


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