Tło Lubuskie

Łagowsko-Sulęcin Landscape Park

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The park was established in 1985 in order to preserve and protect the outstanding landscape and natural values ​​of the central part of the Lubuskie Lake District - Łagowskie Lake District and protects lakes full of fish, steep hills covered with characteristic beech forests, undulating fields and meadows with rich vegetation and numerous species of animals. Initially, the Park had an area of ​​about 4500 ha. The area of ​​the Park has already been enlarged twice: for the first time in 1997, and again in 2011, when the current name was given (original name: Łagowski Landscape Park). Currently, the Park covers 5,367.2 ha. There is a network of well-marked hiking, cycling and nature paths in the park, allowing you to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the park's attractions and thoroughly explore it. Waters are also one of the characteristic elements of the nature of the Łagowsko-Sulęcin Landscape Park. There are clean, transparent lakes with a narrow strip of reed reeds and steeply falling banks, along which a terrace of a walking path leads. The main lakes of the park are characterized by very high purity on the border between the first and second class, which is not a common phenomenon in the Lubuskie Lake District. They are fed with groundwater and rainwater flowing down forested slopes, which is why they contain small amounts of nutrients, i.e. organic nutrients.


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